Platinum package

For the development of our cruisers, we have specialists in-house at POWER-BIKES who guarantee the highest quality e-bikes. No matter what your wishes may be, we respect every single idea. In addition, the great information and data on our PB Cruiser are also impressive, making the e-bike even more of a very special cruiser!
We at POWER-BIKES take e-bikes to a new level!

The POWER-BIKES team will be happy to answer your questions and suggestions at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Platinum package


    • *Model

      Reset options

      *Frame colour

      *Frame gloss

      *Rim colour

      *Rim shine



      *Saddle bag

      - Frame and screws in two colours
      - Spoke colour individual
      - Second saddlebag
      - Magura Mt5 double-piston brake


      Spoke colour

      Screw colour

      Screw lustre

      Second saddlebag

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